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Pasture-Raised Broilers

Chickens raised on fresh pasture are much healthier and happier than confinement-raised chickens. We NEVER feed antibiotics or growth promotants or any other chemicals that can be found in conventional/commercial poultry feeds .

Whole chicken, 4.5- 6 lbs, frozen, $6.60/lb.

We now have chicken in stock: whole chicken ranging from 4 to 5 lbs for $6.60/lb, and packages of quartered chicken for an additional fee. Breast quarters, Leg quarters, Wings.
Produced June-October; however, we try to maintain a year ‘round supply.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our hens truly enjoy being outside foraging for insects and fresh grass- watching them cements our resolve that chickens MUST be raised outdoors whenever possible! Witness an egg with an orange yolk!


  No growth promotants, antibiotics, grains or confinement.
Individual cuts are vacuum sealed, flash frozen in clear plastic


All prices are subject to change due to input cost volatility.

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