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Pasture-Raised Broilers

Chickens raised on fresh pasture are much healthier and happier than confinement raised chickens. We NEVER feed antibiotics or growth promotants or any other chemicals that can be found in conventional/commercial poultry feeds .

Whole chicken, 4.5- 6 lbs, frozen, $4.90/lb.


We now have chicken in stock: whole chicken ranging from 4 to 5 lbs for $4.90/lb, and packages of quartered chicken: Breast quarters, 2-4/pkg $9.80/lb; Leg quarters, 2-4/pkg $6.00/lb; Wings, 6-10/pkg $5.90/lb
Produced June-October; however, we try to maintain a year ‘round supply.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our hens truly enjoy being outside foraging for insects and fresh grass- watching them cements our resolve that chickens MUST be raised outdoors whenever possible! Witness an egg with an orange yolk!


GRASS-FINISHED BEEF No growth promotants, antibiotics, grains or confinement.
Individual cuts are vacuum sealed, flash frozen in clear plastic

Aged Ground Beef

No “lean beef trimmings” or pink slime here! Typically ranging from 80-90% lean and made from wholesome cuts of dry aged beef.

1 pound packages; $9.00

Recommended recipes: Southeast/Mexican spiced browned beef in a burrito; meatballs; meatloaves; specialty burgers.

Farmer’s favorite: We add chopped garlic, egg, breadcrumbs and a touch of Worcestershire sauce to our plain ground beef, mix well and put a thick slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese INSIDE the burger. Grill until the cheese oozes out! Check out a great recipe HERE


Ready-Made Beef Patties

Flavorful and convenient beef patties:
4 oz., 4 per pkg; $9.00 ea.
6 oz., 3 per pkg: $10.00 ea.

Minutes-to-the-table convenience that cannot be beat? Every cook should have these on hand for those hectic evenings when a good meal has to happen quickly or for a cookout that will shame any boxed hamburger patty! This item is a favorite at our farm.

Cube Steak:

A thinly cut steak from the round or shoulder, this steak takes sauces and marinades very well, plus it cooks very quickly for convenience! 0.75- 1.25 lbs; $10.00/lb.

Farmer’s favorites: Stir-fry, or trimmed into strips or cubes for sandwiches- just add peppers, onions, cheese and a hearty roll!


London Broil:

A very lean cut that if either slow-grilled to perfection or marinaded, this steak will reward with great flavor.

Important tip: Slice across the grain and at a 45 degree angle to the cutting board- trying to slice as thinly as possible. 0.75- 1.25 lbs. $12.00/lb


Top Round Steak:

Treat this steak as you would a London Broil or Cube Steak, but this steak will have a little more fat and more tenderness. Marinaded, pan-fried or cubed for kabobs or for a super-tender stew. 0.75- 1.25 lbs. $12.00/lb.


Flank Steak:

Once relegated to only making ground beef, this cut is enjoying well deserved attention for its flavor. Slow cooked or prepare as you would London Broil. This RECIPE gives great detail and tips. 2+ lbs; $15/lb


Skirt Steak:

A thin steak that works well in dry-rub barbecue recipes or fajitas. For our guy/chefs- check out this FUN RECIPE. ~1 lb; $15/lb.


Strip Steak:

Among the top of the boneless grilling steaks noted for tenderness. 0.5- 0.75 lbs; $22/lb.


NY Boneless Sirloin Steak:

Lightly marbled, this steak will do well on the grill. When trimmed into cubes or strips, it makes for the most memorable stir-fry or kabobs. 1-2 lbs; $18/lb.

Farmer’s favorites: We grill all year long and the NY Sirloin frequently finds itself part of a traditional shish kabob like this awesome recipe HERE

Boneless Chuck Steaks


Boneless Ribeye (Delmonico) Steak:

This enjoys a great deal of marbling and consequently is very juicy. 0.5- 0.75 lbs; $22/lb.


Tenderloin/Filet Mignon Steak:

Supremely lean with good flavor; butter-knife tenderness, the Rolls-Royce of steaks, 0.5-.075 lbs; $28/lb.

All BEEF, no nitrate added linked sausages:

Mexican-style Chorizo, 3 links/pkg; $10.00 ea.

Kielbasa, 3 links/pkg; $10.00 ea.
Hot Italian, 3 links/pkg; $10.00 ea. Sweet Italian, 3 links/pkg; $10.00 ea.
All our sausage is available in 1-lb. loose-ground packages. $10

All prices are subject to change due to input cost volatility.

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